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Specialist Engineering

Long Term Storage Containers

TBD Long Term Storage Containers are designed and built for the handling, protection and safe transportation of high value loads such as jet engines or industrial turbines, by land, air and sea.


TBD Owen Holland design, type test and manufacture a wide range of purpose specified and customised specialist tooling, transportation and storage equipment.

The containers are built for the handling, protection and safe transportation of high value loads, by land, air and sea. Transportation and storage stands to provide appropriate support and protection for loads such as jet engines, aircraft wings, fuselage sections and other high value components during land, sea and air transportation.

Environmental air portable storage containers providing safe and long term storage for critical component in a controlled atmosphere. These containers include power operation on the covers, in built dehumidification systems and provision for rotation or in storage maintenance with opening the container and breaching the protected environment. Each solution will be tailored specifically to the application and can be produced at high volumes.


  • Configured to provide optimum solution to your storage / transportation requirements.
  • Type tested to provide guaranteed protection.
  • Robust, yet easily manoeuvrable and air portable when required.
  • Designed for maximum practical stability, safety and ease of use.
  • Compliant to relevant British Standards, HSE Codes Of Practice/ guidelines and relevant IATA and industry standards.
  • Wide range of interface options, materials and protection systems available.


  • Aircraft type: single aircraft or multi-aircraft / part.
  • Stand support method: floor mounted on castors / fixed frame / suspended.
  • Manoeuvring : manual / tow bars for tugs/self powered.
  • Height: fixed or variable-method if variable - manual /electrical / hydraulic / pneumatic.
  • Type of work to be undertaken on component when in the stand - system to suit different maintenance tasks.
  • Stabiliser jacks - wind down / quick release kick down / powered.
  • Material-steel / aluminium / GRP.
  • Finish-painted / galvanised / Resin.
  • Method of attachment of part to stand/protection and buffering of component to stand.
  • Level of environmental protection required.


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