TBD Owen Holland’s General Purpose Steps

Our low-maintenance General Purpose Steps are available in 3 sizes to accommodate both narrow bodied aircraft such as the A320 and B737, and the larger steps specific for the A380 and B777 aircraft, it can be easily manoeuvred by 1 person thus making labour intensive tasks more manageable plus the hydraulic stabilising jacks lock to ensure shifting weight on the platform cannot generate further movement in either cylinder.

Designed with a fully welded corrosive resistant aluminium construction and built with an inward opening access gate off the front plus half height telescopic handrails around the platform helps your crew gain access to the aircraft. Also, the double punched platform/ stairs allows for free draining and is slip resistant.

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TBD Owen Holland Patented Designed MLG Access Platform

TBD Owen Holland’s Main Landing Gear (MLG) Access Platform has been constructed to provide aircraft ramp maintenance engineers with a reliable, efficient and low-maintenance piece of equipment for any ramp operation when working on aircraft.

Made in Britain, it is designed to allow easy access for your inspection and repair needs, the lightweight MLG Platform has elastomer polyurethane tyre castors that can be easily positioned and can pass under any obstructions requiring minimal effort.

The adjustable height top platform is suitable to support 2 people working on B747, B757, B767, B777, B787, A330, A340, A350, A380 aircraft allowing access to the main undercarriage and low wings whilst also providing access to the top of MLG Bays.

There are also handrails for cargo bay doors and wing edge guards that can be used in the Hangar or towed when transported. The Anti-fall and enclosure bar at the rear of the platform ensures that your health and safety needs are met.  The lower frame of the unit boasts a fully welded steel construction with a power coated finish for exceptional durability plus the welded aluminium upper structure are guided by nylon rollers for stability and ease of use.

The self-compensating hydraulic jacks are simple to deploy from the control point at the base of the access ladder and can be easily lowered even when the front castors are positioned under the MLG door. The MLG also provide access to fuel boost pumps, grease points, gas charge valves, break lock out valves, gear bay lights and all actuators for greasing and maintenance as well as the hydraulic control system for lift/ stabilisers and the stoop angle.