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Line Maintenance Equipment - High Lift Vehicles

VML 650 85 Scissor Lift

The TBD VML 650 85 scissor lift vehicle utilises a 5t chassis and has an 8.35m maximum platform height. The sliding, cantilevered work platform will accommodate 4 persons with tools (650kg max).


TBD Owen Holland design and manufacture a range of Truck Mounted Scissor Lift Platforms, specifically designed and equipped for the aviation industry and airport use which can be customised to meet customer requirements.

Smaller vehicles are highly manoeuvrable and ideal for general ramp maintenance activity whilst our larger higher platforms on heavier chassis provide increased capability which will allow comfortable access for example to the tail-cone of A380 and above the tail-cone of the A340.

The platform has an optional traverse of 1.5m in both directions making it extremely useful for inspections and maintenance activities. It can also be fitted with rear or side access gate to allow removal of larger items such as APUs by a standard forklift if required.

All platforms are fitted with fully compliant handrail systems and include anchorage points for work restraint lanyards.

The platform has a capacity in excess of 600kg, easily accommodating 4 persons plus tools or the weight of the APU in stand plus 2 operators at a height to accommodate all commercial aircraft.

Other options include sectional telescopic half height rails for enhanced access in confined areas where the aircraft provides part of the barrier and LED platform lighting.


  • Standard platform capacity of 650kg / 1430lbs (Max) (4 person plus tools and equipment to height 6.0m).
  • Platform height up to 8.4m (28”).
  • Platform width-1.32m (52”).
  • Vertical stabilizers: 4 units independently locked. (5 units with traverse specified as an option)
  • Can be installed on most commonly available 5t or 7.5 GVW light truck chassis such as Ford Iveco Daily, Mitsubishi Canter etc to suit your fleet requirements.
  • 1.1m high stainless steel handrails with telescopic feature, allowing access to APU of aircraft.


  • Your choice of suitable and commonly available chassis.
  • Enhanced Vehicle/cab specifications including air conditioning and tropicalised engine specifications and automatic transmission where a available on selected chassis.
  • PTO or Diesel Donkey engine powered hydraulics.
  • Hydraulic traverse 1.5 m both directions.
  • Special handrail configurations


Platform Height Max 8.4m (28’)
Working Height 10.04m (32’ 11”)
Platform Capacity 650kg 1430lbs (4 persons plus tools to height 6.0m)
Platform Length 2.44m (8’)
Platform Traverse 1.52m (60”) capacity 340kg
Platform Width 1.32m (52”)
Handrails 1.1m high telescopic stainless steel
Vertical stabilisers 4 units independently locked (5 units with power traverse)


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